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FMCSA grants exemption to allow cameras as rearview mirror alternative

REGULATIONSMatt Cole |January 03, 2019



FMCSA has granted Stoneridge an exemption to allow carriers to use its MirrorEye Camera Monitor System instead of conventional mirrors on trucks.


A recent decision by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration opens the door for efforts to replace truck side mirrors with a high-resolution and more aerodynamic rearview camera system.


The agency announced Dec. 27 it is granting an exemption to rearview camera system manufacturer Stoneridge to allow the company’s MirrorEye Camera Monitoring System to be used as an alternative to the two rearview side mirrors on trucks. The exemption applies only to the Stoneridge system.


In its decision, FMCSA says use of the Stoneridge system provides truck drivers “with an enhanced field of view when compared to the required rear-vision mirrors” because it eliminates blind spots on both sides of the truck, expands the field of view by an estimated 25 percent, and the trailer panning feature automatically tracks the end of the trailer to keep it in view when the truck is moving forward, potentially eliminating right-hand turn collisions.


The agency adds that the system uses high definition cameras and monitors that include features such as color night vision, low light sensitivity and light and glare reduction. FMCSA also notes the system has self-cleaning lenses to eliminate problems with rain and dirt, along with a defrosting system for winter driving.


Stoneridge notes that its MirrorEye “is a fail-safe operating system” in which, in the event of an individual camera failure, the other cameras will remain operational.


The MirrorEye monitors are mounted inside the cab on the A-pillars and provide drivers with three views – a wide angle, narrow angle and passenger-side “look-down” camera.



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